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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Acne Treatment And Side Effects

When we talk about acne, only two things come to mind – treatment of acne and control of acne. Easy to think, hard to know and harder to try. Which or what kind of acne treatment would you opt for? With a plethora of products occupying already dwindling shelf space in most drugstores, picking up the right acne treatment would be like groping for a light switch in the dark. You know it is there, but cannot find it..!

With many acne treatment products using a lot of marketing slogans like “magic acne pills” or “clear acne in 72 hours”, what works and what does not is difficult knowledge to attain, much less buy an acne treatment option. Most claims, of course are dubious. Many over the counter acne treatments are known to worsen the acne situation, much less cure it.

An overall life style change is absolutely necessary. An acne free face not only depicts good skin but also represents a good and clean life style with healthy habits.

Life style changes are hard to get used to but not entirely impossible. A little bit of discipline can go a long way in changing life styles, part-by-part. You could begin with a clean, oil free, fat free and nutritious diet that consists of fruits and vegetables in good quantities.

An effective acne treatment is more of an inside-out process.

The more garbage you eat, the more it shows on the outside. Conversely, a healthy diet will depict health on your skin.

However, there are various varieties of acne that require acne treatment. It is important to know the skin type and the cause of acne. Moreover it is important to know and understand the composition of the acne treatment you would be using. Many acne treatments are known to have side effects that could even set you back in your efforts of getting rid of acne.

Unfortunately, many acne treatments are known to result in creating different complications. Allergic reaction is a primary complication and most prevalent. Many acne victims may have allergic reactions chemicals that make the acne treatment. Very often, it happens that the victims themselves are not informed of such allergies and only come to know once it has happened and the doctor enlightening them about the outcome of using a particular acne treatment.

Apparently, this could cause serious problems to may people who are unfortunate. In a bid to get their acne treated, they may end up with other health complications which may need expensive treatment.

Other allergies that may crop up by use of acne treatments could be redness, flaking or inflammation of the skin. Most acne treatments tend to dry up the skin and over drying could result in such complications like flaking. However redness and inflammation may also be caused due to light allergies.
Research and investigation into any acne treatment as to its compositions and their ill effects on human skin is absolutely necessary before using any acne treatment products, either prescribed or bought over the counter.

It is not advisable to take unnecessary risks, just because someone else has used it or because the salesman has emphasized on no side effects. Such decisions may not only be detrimental to health but also to your finances. Finally, it is your own health and you are only person that can take good care of it.

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