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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Acne on the Face and What You Can Do About It

In todays beauty conscious world having acne on the face is one of the biggest problems faced by teenagers and adults alike. In a world that judges people on their appearances, especially the first impression, acne can create problems like low self esteem and self imposed social isolation. acne on the face can also lead to an increase in the stress levels desirable as well.

The basic underlying reason for acne on the face is the excess production of sebum in the body. Sebum is produced to lubricate the skin. However, when its produced in excess then pores get blocked and there are even chances of a bacterial infection as well.

Though there are a plethora of medicines available in the market, most of them have varying degrees of side effects and other problems. Moreover, if not treated right, these medicines may even cause the acne on the face to return as well.

Hence, the best way to treat acne on the face is to go all natural. Natural methods may be slow acting but are long lasting. Moreover, they are free of all kinds of side effects and even help your skin to recover its lost luster and glow.

Most of the times acne is caused due to the accumulated toxins in the body. Hence, to get rid it its essential to detox your system. This will not only get rid of the acne but also enhance your overall health.

Picking at it can cause ungainly scars. Moreover, the infection can also spread to the other areas thus complicating the issue. Hence, no matter how tempted you may feel to pick or pop the acne, don't do it!

Scrubbing the infected area is also not a good idea. Just wash it with a mild soap twice a day and keep it clean. You can even use aloe Vera juice on it since it promotes faster healing.

Shampoos can also cause irritation to the acne on the face. Hence, till the time your acne doesn't heal, use a mild shampoo. Moreover, make sure that your hair remains away from your face.

For guys, a beard on the face may look good but is definitely an irritant for the acne on the face. The paradox here is that shaving can also cause an irritation on the face. Therefore, while shaving steer clear of acne and use a clean blade to shave.

Women need to avoid make up on the affected area since it may lead to clogged pores. If make up is a necessity, then you need to use the hypo allergic, water based make up to avoid acne on the face.

Stress can also lead acne outbreaks. Hence, de-stress your life by tools like meditation and a cup of chamomile tea. Yoga can also work wonders as it helps in enhancing the oxygen levels in the body.

Carotene rich foods like carrots and pumpkins can help in reducing the sebum production which leads to acne on the face. Alternatively you can use a Vitamin A supplement as well.

Acne on the face is a nightmare for almost every person whether young or old. However, with these tips, it can be controlled and eliminated over time.

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