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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Foods That Help Clear Acne - What to Eat to Cure Acne Fast

There are several foods that help clear acne. It's not so much what you don't eat, but what you do eat that aids in clearing your acne. Vitamins play a key role for healthy skin repair and growth. They can also help clear your skin and prevent breakouts. We will list what foods to eat that will help clear acne.

Fruits: It's probably no surprise that fruits are on the list. The reason is they provide antioxidants and vitamins that are beneficial to your skin. You should consume several servings of fruit each. Drinking fruit juice daily is also good. The apple is one of the best foods that help clear acne. Some popular acne home remedies involve eating apples every day.

Vegetables: Eating vegetables is also a way to get in vitamins your body needs to clear acne. Like fruits, you should also eat several servings of fresh vegetables each day. Carrots contain Vitamin A which is an important vitamin for healthy skin and for clearing acne.

Vitamin Supplement: Vitamin A, B, E and Zinc are the main vitamins for healthy skin production. You should make sure you these vitamins are in your diet daily. Since it's sometimes hard to get these vitamins in food sources, taking a vitamin supplement is a fast and effective way to get these acne fighting vitamins in your body.

Water: Although not a food, drinking plenty of water helps to flush toxins out of your body. These toxins can cause acne breakouts and by drinking at least 8 glasses a day this will clean out your body of any toxins.

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