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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Face Acne Treatment - Powerful Natural Methods to Do Away With Acne Once and For All

One of the common difficulties faced by people searching for a face acne treatment that works is that there are so many out on the market and they're all kind of expensive. We don't really have the time or the money to try them all out, so we search for some, check out some reviews and hope it works for us.

Usually, it's miss, isn't it?

Oh well back to the drawing board! Maybe some other face acne treatment will work for me...

Well I've got bad news. You're wasting your money. You might as well take your cash and just flush it down the drain (or send it to me if you want!)


Because acne doesn't have a thing to do with your skin. Every single thing that people claim causes acne is in turn caused by other factors. The dead skin, the oil and the bacteria all have other causes. While they do cause breakouts to happen, you can't treat your acne by treating these symptoms because they'll just keep on coming back.

That is, unless you take care of the real problems, of course.

So what are the real problems? It's inside your body. Doctors always say teenagers typically develop acne because their hormones are going all crazy and are out of whack. So instead of trying to deal with these hormones, we instead try and deal with the symptoms.

Guess what, those hormones are causing your acne!

Right about now someone chimes in with, "Well I'm (25/35/65) years old and I still have acne. What about me??"

Still hormones!

To be fair, it's slightly more in depth than hormones. You see, we eat highly processed items in our diets these days. The good thing is that processed foods cost less and last longer so we're able to feed more people. The bad news is they wreck havoc with your system.

A typical hormonal response to our diet is a huge surge of insulin every time we eat. Insulin is released in massive amounts to deal with our blood sugar levels so we don't die! On the down side, it causes our oil glands to make to much, causes our skin to dry up and die off faster than it should, and it taxes our system beyond belief.

Now fast forward 15 years of eating on this diet. Our bodies are tired! The bacteria on our face is having a field day! Our skin's dying off fast and it's incredibly oily! It's no wonder we have acne!

But you can get rid of it for good! No you don't have to live like a hermit and eat lettuce all day, either. But there's one incredibly powerful way to set things back on track. Simply eat apples for three days.

No, seriously. By eating just apples (or just grapes or just cucumbers if you prefer), you free up a ton of energy for the body. It can heal the skin by itself as well as flush out the excess hormones and toxins floating around your system.

It really is that simple. Simply eat as many apples as you wish and drink plenty of water each day for three days and your skin will literally transform. That is much, much more powerful than acne face acne treatment.

Instead of using the typical face acne treatment products and seeing crappy results, instead of just dealing with your acne and hoping the next product will be the one that works, discover a clinically proven, natural system that will cure the real causes of your acne and will get rid of all your skin problems forever.

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